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A Reservoir full of Dam(n) Pleasure

Manchinabele dam or reservoir or however you address it, is located just thirty kilometers away from Bengaluru. This distance-measure is to be done in terms of time and not distance, owing to an everlasting stampede called traffic, specific to this city.

ARTICLE: To Draw is to Articulate, Not Yield!

To draw is a verb, more than a noun, in the visual cultural representation of India. Despite the historic uncertainties of its origin in the Indian art context, its relevance with political independence is deeply etched. The new nation’s political will was to act (as...

Cast(e)ing Class and Colour into Visual Discourses

(Article first published under the same title in on 16th June 2014; edited by Johny M.L and Sushma Sabnis) Discourse on caste politics in Indian visual culture is a taboo, a sacrilege while it might not be actually so in practice. The reason for...

What is right with Indian Art History?

Two art historians of the same generation share a lot more in-between-lines, while silent interventions and interventionist silences of issues between them marks the inevitability of being able to see but not surpass the boundary of institutions that control the way we think. Becoming liberal or conservative about visual thinking is also a certain institutionalization!

Nandi Hills: Watching the Warming City with Cold Feet

(Travel essay about Nandi Hills, Bengaluru, published in, published on 31st May 2014; edited by Siddharth Tagore and Paramjot Walia. All photos by the author) ‘Tipu drop’ is a famous spot on top of the Nandi hills station, from where king Tipu...