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The Feel of an Art School — with Love, Forever

Ken school of arts is a place within which its founder R.M.Hadapad literally lived and died, in Bengaluru. One had to go through the classrooms to meet him at his residence, before being laid to rest, the penultimate rites were conducted in the very classroom he built; and before that, outstation students literally stayed in the classrooms at night. One cannot ‘see’ the school, only the roof is visible from the surrounding high-rise post office, swimming pool, market, maternity hospital and police station.

An Effective Sway Between Governance and Art Activisim

The administrative governance and contemporary art activism do not gel well in the Indian context. The gap between their ‘expectations’ and ‘results’ is always the lengthiest thing that the country has creatively produced in the field of creativity, since independence (remember the likes of Lalitkala Academies, Bharath Bhavan). In this background, Rangoli Metro Art Center (MAC), an initiative of BMRCL, in Bangalore, seem to reduce the length of this gap, unusually.

Reviewing a ‘City in Transit’: Constitutional Parallels

        Bangalore is perceived as a city-in-the-making, which contrasts with the idea of the city-with-a-past, history and nostalgia. However, this is the idea proposed by the governance in the recent years, which in turn believes in ‘development’ of the city as...

Reflections upon ‘Performative-Photos’

Performance, in visual arts, is a display of the artist’s physical self, as it is visible from within the limitation and possibility of photography. It is not a mere coincidence that such a performance became intense, as a twin to digital reproducibility. Watch any performance i.e photographs of performances, the audience is visible and verbal, as inevitable participants.

Return from NowHere is a Travel!

. “I am sure you are not sure. If you knew, you would have refused to come here because of the burden of knowing beforehand, about your travel!” I did not understand his words in all its essence, even after returning back to India; and even to this day. The only thing I realized was that his artificial leg was very enthusiastic to move, it always appeared in the shape of an exclamatory mark! As if an afterthought, I realized that all his sentences ended with an ‘!’ i.e. exclamatory marks!!!

  The Art of Chandranath Acharya: Left to a Right Choice

The thrill of skill is what has been ‘kill’ed by the deep misunderstanding that ‘rendering’ and ‘skill’ are one and the same. No amount of argumentative skill can convinced the already convicted, otherwise. The problem of Chandranath Acharya, the artist, is precisely this; and the possibility of Chandranath Acharya, the illustrator, is also this! The magic of his image-making lies somewhere in between.